Warranty Statement

Limited Warranty Statement Unless otherwise stated, Foster USA Refrigerators Inc, warrants to the original purchaser of new, qualified Foster Ice Machine units (and all parts thereof), that such equipment will be free from defects in material and workmanship for a period of one-year parts and labor, and three years on parts and compressor from the date of paid invoice.

 If a qualified product is found to be defective during this period, Foster will repair the defective unit, replace any defective parts or replace the defective unit at its sole discretion.

 The obligation of Foster under this warranty is limited to the repair or replacement of parts, components, or assemblies that in the sole opinion of Foster are defective. This warranty is further limited to the cost of parts, components or assemblies and standard straight time labor charges (excluding the compressor warranty) at the servicing location. Time and hourly rate schedules, apply to all service procedures. Additional expenses including without limitation, travel time, overtime premium, material cost, accessing or removal of the Ice Machine, or shipping are the responsibility of the purchaser, along with all maintenance, adjustments, cleaning, and ice purchases. The labor warranty shall include standard straight time labor charges at the product location only and shall exclude charges for travel time, mileage or other premium charges. Any labor service required to fulfill the warranty obligation must be performed by a refrigeration service qualified and accepted by Foster and/or the local Foster’s Distributor. Foster’s liability under this warranty shall in no event be greater than the actual purchase price paid by purchaser for the Ice Machine. Warranty is valid in Continental United States and Canada.

 At any time during the warranty period, Foster may request the customer to submit documentation of the issue, including but not limited to proof of purchase, proof of maintenance, photos or documentation from a licensed contractor, such as but not limited to, a licensed electrician or plumber. Any documentation requested must be submitted prior to a warranty claim being processed. Should the documentation be received after 5 business days of the original request and the warranty period ended within that time frame, it is at Foster’s discretion to continue to honor the claim.


Warranty Limitations:

 Foster will not warranty coverage for component failure or other damage that arise under the following conditions:

• Failure to install and/or use the unit within proper operating conditions specified by Foster.

• Units plugged into an extension cord.

• Failure to properly maintain the unit. This includes, but is not limited to, basic preventative maintenance such as cleaning the condenser coil.

• Improper water pressure or temperature, or failure to use and maintain a water filter

• Products sold or used outside of the 48 contiguous states.

• Any damage that occurs as a result of negligence or improper handling.

• Overloading or improper loading of the unit in a manner that prevents proper airflow.

• Units stored and / or used outside or in a non-controlled environment.

This warranty excludes failures do to fire, lightening, flood, acts of God, handling, misuse, abuse and low voltage. 

Additionally, no claims can be made against this warranty for spoilage of products, loss of sales or profits or any other consequential damages.

Normal wear type parts, such as light bulbs and gaskets, are not included in warranty coverage.

All equipment must be plugged directly into a standard wall outlet with an appropriately sized dedicated breaker. Multiple pieces of equipment plugged in on the same circuit (this means sharing the same breaker) will void the warranty. Any item plugged into a surge protector or an extension cord will void the warranty. Any item operated on a generator or in an outdoor environment will be subject to having the warranty be voided. Foster has the right to request the customer to have a licensed electrician verify all electrical supply before sending a technician to evaluate the equipment. Improper or inadequate power (voltage) supply will void the warranty.

This warranty is NOT transferable or assignable and applies only to the original verified purchaser.


Residential Customers:

Foster assumes no liability for parts, labor or replacement coverage for component failure or other damages resulting from installation in non-commercial or residential applications beyond 30 days of the paid invoice.



Condensers accumulate dirt and require cleaning every 30 days. Dirty condensers result in compressor failure, product loss, and lost sales. None of these are covered by warranty.

By keeping the condenser clean you will minimize your service expense and lower your electrical costs. Condensers require scheduled cleanings every 30 days or as needed. ‘

Air is pulled through the condenser continuously, along with dust, lint, grease, etc.… In order for the unit to have proper airflow, we require 4 inch clearance around the unit. This does not alleviate cleaning the condenser every 30 days or as needed.

A dirty condenser can result in NON-WARRANTIED part and compressor failures, product loss and lost sales. None of these are covered by warranty.

Proper cleaning involves removing dust from the condenser. By using a soft brush or vacuuming the condenser with a shop vac, using CO2, nitrogen or pressurized air.

If you cannot remove the dirt adequately, please call your refrigeration service company. This is not covered by warranty.

The condenser looks like a group of vertical fins. You need to be able to see through the condenser for the unit to function at maximum capacity. Do not place filter material in front of the condensing coil. This material blocks air-flow to the coil similar to having a dirty coil.

Ice Machines require to be cleaned by a certified ice machine technician at a minimum every six (6) months, or sooner based on the location, using nickel safe cleaner for nickel plated evaporators and a stainless steel cleaner for stainless steel plated evaporators.


We reserve the exclusive right to change or modify this warranty statement or any part herein at any time and without prior notice. Visit our website for the latest information.