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Stylish and practical, this Snooker nugget ice machine makes for a great space-saving addition to your commercial establishment. A perfect choice for making the most efficient use of limited storage space, this undercounter ice machine stays out of your way while ensuring that cold ice is still easy to access, easy to operate with its simple and intuitive control panel.


Featuring stainless steel and durable plastic construction, this ice machine is built to stand up to the demands of frequent use in your commercial establishment. The door glides back into the machine when opened to compensate for lack of vertical space underneath counters, and protecting it from damage while in use.


At 38" tall with a 20” x 22" footprint, this compact Snooker ice machine provides the ideal height to allow it to be stored under your average countertop space without sacrificing quantity. The machine is capable of producing 155 lb. of nugget ice per day, while storing a total of more than 45 lb. in its internal storage compartment.


Other features:



This model comes with (4) 6" adjustable plastic legs. This gives you the ability to make slight height adjustments to fit under your particular counter space and stability on uneven surfaces.





Nugget ice boasts 85% ice to water ratio, making it energy and water efficient and a great choice for rapidly cooling beverages with minimal dilution. Plus, this ice is smaller, softer, and more chewable than standard cubes, so it is the perfect choice to be used in blended smoothies and other frozen drinks. For convenient and sanitary use, this unit also comes with an ice scoop. This machine's refrigeration system requires a 115V connection for operation. 90 day warranty parts and labor with extended 3 year available.

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